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Example Programs

BBC BASIC for Windows (both the full and evaluation versions) is supplied with more than 50 example programs to illustrate what can be achieved and to get you started. Here you will find some additional examples which can be viewed and run (so long as you have a Windows™ PC) without having to download and install BBC BASIC for Windows. They give a flavour of what can be achieved with short BBC BASIC programs, and can be taken as examples of good programming 'style'.

Each program is listed in plain text (which can be cut and pasted into BBC BASIC for Windows) and is also made available for download as a tokenised (binary) file. In addition a 'compiled' executable is provided which can be run simply by clicking on the link, so you can see the programs working on your own PC (they should be entirely safe to run, but of course you do so at your own risk). All example programs are the Copyright © of R.T.Russell, 2005-2011, but you are free to use them (or parts of them) in your own BBC BASIC programs.

The programs are as follows:

  1. PLAYER - a simple Media Player
  2. MIDITEST - plays samples of all the MIDI voices
  3. LIGHTING - demonstrates Direct3D lighting
  4. VIEWER - displays and prints pictures
  5. FSEARCH - searches the disk for files
  6. DIRPRINT - prints a directory listing
  7. DSKUSAGE - displays disk usage and allows file deletion
  8. SUDOKU - a full-featured Sudoku program
  9. ANALYSER - a real-time audio spectrum analyser
  10. OSKBBC - an On Screen Keyboard
  11. POLYFIT - fit a polynomial to experimental data

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