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Below are links to some websites of BBC BASIC for Windows users; in most cases they include downloadable programs which were written in BBC BASIC and 'compiled' to produce Windows™ executables. Although it is possible to write very professional and sophisticated programs in BBC BASIC for Windows, it is (as with any language) equally possible to produce very poor programs! I cannot vouch for the quality of any of the programs listed, nor am I responsible for the contents of the websites. Please send any comments to the authors, not to me!

If you find any of the links don't work, or if you would like your own website to be included, email me with details.

Chris Hall

A software simulation of a signalbox with a description of how it was converted to run under Windows using BBC BASIC.


Instat is a simple general statistics package. It started on the BBC Microcomputer in 1983, graduated to the PC in 1986 and then moved to Windows; it now uses BBC BASIC for Windows. Instat is intended to support the teaching of statistics, particularly for those who are not specialists.

Jochen Lueg

Using BBC BASIC for Windows with the Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board.

Jack Ord: Jack's Basic Physics

This site lists many programs in BBC BASIC for Windows illustrating the numerical solution of problems in physics, in many cases accompanied by an animated graphic.

Programming by Example

A BB4W Compendium intended for students of any age interested in learning to program, and anyone who wants to have some fun at the same time.

Jon Ripley

An introduction to writing BBC BASIC applications which make use of the Windows Application Program Interface, including a reference guide to data types, links to other useful documents, example code and libraries.

Dave Sergeant

Here you can download Television Index for Windows, a program written in BBC BASIC for Windows which provides a searchable index of past issues of Television and Home Electronics Repair magazine. Also assorted utilities for amateur radio and other applications.

Brian Stewart

Some small utilities for text manipulation and HTML generation. (Brian sadly died in 2007).

Gordon Sweet

A fairly large collection of old Games, Animations, BBC Music and other useful programs.

Tim Street

A programming blog with free software, BBC BASIC for Windows source code and cool stuff.

Tony Tooth

Various Programs in BBC BASIC for Windows, most of which use graphics to illustrate a mathematical problem (but you don't need to be a mathematician to run them!).

BB4W Games

This site contains some excellent arcade-style games written in BBC BASIC for Windows, including Flak II, Bubballs, Buggy, Bugs, Crystal Hunter, Money Maze, Phroggy, Satsuma Panic, Spacerocks and SubZap!

Rosetta Code

More than 500 programming tasks coded in BBC BASIC (and other languages).


Not a user's website, but a discussion group where you can ask questions or share tips and information about BBC BASIC for Windows.

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