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Chapter 21 - Over to You

If you have followed everything so far, you should have a thorough understanding of the principles involved in writing programs. You've actually covered a lot of ground and I hope the explanations and examples here will serve you for a while to come yet. Don't try to memorize everything here before you start writing your own programs, no one does that. Just keep in mind where to find the information that you need for a particular command, either here or in the help files.

As stated in the introduction, this only covers the basics, but enough basics to enable you to tackle a wide variety of applications. Look at other people's code, try and figure out how it works. Read the help for the keywords and techniques you don't know. You now know enough to make your mark in the world.

When looking for challenges start small. Every programmer has an unfinished project that they started but never quite got round to completing. The usual reason is lack of experience and / or time. Beware of tackling something that is too big too early. This way you won't get discouraged when your attempt to produce that killer version of Quake before next Saturday fails.

Thank you for your interest in this and I hope it has been a valuable insight into the wonderful world of programming.



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