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Latest updates

The latest additions to the BBC BASIC for Windows online documentation, libraries and example programs are as follows:

If you want to update your local copy of the documentation to incorporate these additions, and at the same time upgrade your copy of BBC BASIC for Windows (plus its example programs and library files) to the latest version, proceed as follows:

The version number of BBC BASIC for Windows consists of a numeric part and a letter. If only the letter is changed, it signifies a trivial or cosmetic change, or a minor bug-fix. In general such changes will not affect any existing programs. If the numeric part is changed it signifies a more significant alteration or a bug-fix which might affect the operation of existing programs (for example if a program has inadvertently taken advantage of the presence of a bug).

The current version of BBC BASIC for Windows is 6.15a. If you have an older version and are unable to use the automatic upgrade facility please send an email giving your name and address and quoting your serial number. The following table details changes which have taken place since the beginning of 2006:

VersionDateModification summary (click on the version number for details)
6.15a02-Apr-2022 Fixed a few bugs, added SUM operator, implemented GCOL 5-7, better support for odd-value graphics coordinates, increased palette size to 256 entries.
6.14a07-Apr-2021 Fixed some bugs, TIME is now signed, new SYS() function, PTR() extended, MODE 7 enhancements, *TEMPO extended, new libraries and example programs.
6.13a16-Mar-2020 WIDTH() bug fixed, 64-bit indirection added, reorganised VDU variables, VDU 27,n works in VDU 5 mode, many new example programs.
6.12a22-Sep-2018 New features: PTR(string$), SYS ... TO double#, <<< operator; REM!NoPrinter compiler directive, Goto Line in program editor.
6.11a16-Jul-2017 Fixed *HARDCOPY bug, *DISPLAY and *MDISPLAY accept top-down BMP files and support horizontal/vertical flipping.
6.10a05-Apr-2017 String parameter instability reports error 31, *(M)DISPLAY accepts transparent colour, WIDTH(string$) supported, minor IDE changes.
6.02a05-Mar-2016 Fixed GET$#file bug. Fixed SOUND sync bug. Fixed minor cruncher bugs. Fixed minor IDE bugs. *LIST is affected by *LOWERCASE. Assembler uses more efficient encodings.
6.00a01-Jan-2015 40-bit floating-point variables removed, 80-bit variants added, 64-bit integers added, unlimited-length strings, *FLOAT 80 and *HEX commands, overstrike font, REM!Fast directive.
5.95a30-Dec-2013 Trial memory limit doubled, touch-screen support, improved support for 64-bit Windows, auto encoding detection, Windows 8.1 compatibility manifest, List Variables bug fixed.
5.94a01-Sep-2012 Added editor support for Unicode and bi-directional text, new -c command-line switch, 4-voice SOUND, *TIMER command, enhanced GET$#file TO terminator%, bugs fixed.
5.93a21-Jun-2011 Minor bugs in INSTALL, GET$# and DIM fixed; new Compile dialogue layout; RETURN <destination>, GET$#file BY count% and GET$#file TO terminator% added.
5.92a01-Jan-2011 Compiled executables can be compressed, signed and have resources incorporated; keyboard accelerators are supported; the F-format digit limit can be overridden; add-in utilities are included; bugs fixed.
5.91b01-Jul-2010 IDE works correctly with taskbar at top, cruncher accepts RESTORE LOCAL, MOUSE is once again compatible with Wine, PAVGW supported in assembler.
5.91a02-Jan-2010 Added ON ERROR LOCAL OFF, RESTORE LOCAL, TRACE STEP ON|OFF, fewer restrictions on use of continuation lines, improved support for assembler programming.
5.90b11-Apr-2009 Fixed bug causing VAL"\" to return an error. Fixed bug causing labels to interfere with error reporting.
5.90a01-Jan-2009 Runs faster; added native Unicode support; new @tmp$, @usr$ & @vdu{} system variables; editor Tab key can be programmed; Utilities menu can be customised.
5.80a07-Jan-2008 Added features to aid conversion from QBASIC; improved support for console mode programs; support for high-numbered I/O ports (e.g. COM10:); support for right-to-left (etc.) printing.
5.70a02-Sep-2007 Added @ox% and @oy%. @vdu%!252 controls cursor width. DIM({struct{}) returns size. struct.array&() returns string. *FONT can select symbols font. LOCAL arrays are aligned. Drag-and-drop files into editor.
5.60b07-May-2007 Fixed 'Run To Cursor' bug.
5.60a05-May-2007 EXIT statement added. Step Line added. REM!Eject forces new page. REM!Keep can keep procedure/function names. Confirm exit if output window open. A few minor anomalies fixed.
5.50b04-Jan-2007 Fixed minor bug in crunch utility.
5.50a01-Jan-2007 EXT#chan= sets file length. QUIT n sets exitcode. New *SYS1 messages. Can make console programs. Compiler directives. Improved Vista compatibility. New print highlighting. Different program icon. A few minor anomalies fixed.
5.40a01-Nov-2006 Assembler accepts jmp "APIfunction". SPC(-ve value) ignored. Ctrl-Tab no longer a hotkey. *TEMPO accepts values >5. A few minor anomalies fixed.
5.30a01-Sep-2006 Structures dword-aligned. Small icon used if present. Context menu enhanced. Improved error trapping. Faster RND function. A few minor anomalies fixed.
5.21a01-Jun-2006 Fixed incompatibility with Input Method Editor (IME), affecting some Windows configurations. Fixed minor bug affecting nested CASE statements.
5.20a27-May-2006 Variable 'cache' added. List Variables sorted alphabetically. Title bar format changed. ERROR 100,"" bug fixed. Stop button closes dialogue boxes.
5.10b01-Apr-2006 Restored trailing \ on @lib$ (BBCWRUN.EXE only)
5.10a01-Apr-2006 Beginners' tutorial incorporated. Embedded files can be in subdirectories. NUL-terminated strings supported. A few minor bugs corrected.
5.01a05-Feb-2006 Fixed slow emptying of large string arrays. Fixed wrong EXE timestamp (Win9x). 'Go back' restores editor scroll position after run-time error.
5.00a15-Jan-2006 A major new release incorporating many enhancements.

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