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QBASIC to BBC BASIC translator

QB2BBC is an automatic translator from QBASIC (or QuickBasic) to BBC BASIC. Using the translator most QBASIC programs can be converted to BBC BASIC without the need for any 'human assistance'. The translated program can be run directly from QB2BBC - you don't need to install BBC BASIC as well.

You can use QB2BBC either to translate complete programs, or as a way of finding the BBC BASIC equivalent of a single QBASIC statement or function. It attempts to make an accurate translation, taking account, where possible, of the subtle differences between the dialects. As a result the translated code can sometimes be difficult to read, and isn't necessarily much like what an experienced BBC BASIC programmer would write. Don't be misled into thinking that BBC BASIC code always looks like that!

QB2BBC is freeware: you can download it from here:

Download QB2BBC.exe (224 Kb)

Create a suitable directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\QB2BBC\) and save the QB2BBC.exe file there. You will need administrative privileges to save the file and when you execute it for the first time (in Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, Windows 8/8.1™ and Windows 10™ use 'Run as administrator'); however it can be run from a normal user account thereafter. You can read the full Help manual here.

Version details:

VersionDateModification details
QB2BBC v0.3726-Nov-2018 QBLib library (only) updated to fix mkd$, mki$ and mkl$ functions
QB2BBC v0.3707-Oct-2015 Fixed mis-parsing of RND function if it has no parameters.
QB2BBC v0.3624-Jan-2015 Fixed minor bug in DATA.
QB2BBC v0.3511-Apr-2013 Fixed bug in INPUT$(n, #filenumber%).
QB2BBC v0.3415-Dec-2012 Added support for INP and OUT. Some compatibility improvements.
QB2BBC v0.3228-Dec-2010 Added partial support for PALETTE and POINT. Several bugs fixed.
QB2BBC v0.3024-Dec-2010 SCREEN initialises graphics cursor to centre.
QB2BBC v0.2922-Dec-2010 Increased limit on numbered lines; improved RANDOMIZE, ON GOTO/GOSUB.
QB2BBC v0.2822-Oct-2010 Added partial support for PAINT, GET (graphics) and PUT (graphics).
QB2BBC v0.2601-Jun-2010 Added support for WINDOW.

QBASIC to BBC BASIC translator

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