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Videotex screen shot VIDEOTEX is a terminal emulator for PC compatibles for use in accessing Videotex (Prestel-compatible) services such as Bank of Scotland's Home and Office Banking Service (HOBS). The Videotex screen consists of 24 rows of 40 characters; display attributes, such as colour and graphics, are controlled by embedded characters which occupy space on the screen. This format was designed to suit hardware implementation and it is difficult to perform a full emulation in software. This program is designed to provide a 100% emulation.

All features of the Videotex display standard are supported: colour text and graphics (contiguous and separated), background colour, flashing, double-height (text and graphics), held-graphics (for abrupt colour changes) and concealed text.

VIDEOTEX is shareware. You can download it from here, but if you intend to keep and use the software you should register it. Registration costs £17.02 for which you will receive a unique security code which allows you to customise VIDEOTEX (for example to select different printer drivers).

To register VIDEOTEX send a cheque for £20 to us. If you let us know your email address we can supply the security code that way.

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