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Programmable Colour Test Card Generator

Download the Test Card Generator programming software:


Once the download is complete, select Run the program if you want to install the Test Card Generator programming software straight away, or Save to disk if you want to install it later. The software should run on any Windows 98™, Windows Me™, Windows 2000™, Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™, Windows 8™ or Windows 8.1™ PC, and requires about 6 Mbytes of disk space.

If you have any problems downloading, installing or running the Test Card Generator programming software please email us for support. Include details of your PC, such as Operating System, processor type and speed, amount of memory and type of video adaptor, and as much information about the problem as possible.

The following table details changes which have taken place since the beginning of 2004:

VersionDateModification details
3.2f22-Jul-2015 Adapted for compatibility with Windows up to 8.1.
3.2e11-Nov-2009 Use standard libraries.
3.2d21-Nov-2007 Added COM5 to COM8 serial port options.
3.2c08-Jul-2006 Maximum length of image path/filename increased to 255 characters.
3.2b22-Jan-2006 Less prone to lock-up if serial port failure. Minor fault with NTSC blanking fixed.
3.2a20-Oct-2005 PAL-N, PAL-M and NTSC 4.43 standards added. Minor fault with NTSC blanking fixed.
3.1a21-Aug-2004 Serial port initialisation improved. German 180-line standard added.
3.0e04-Jun-2004 Increased maximum erase time to two minutes.
3.0d11-May-2004 Fixed error message when programming 405 and 525 lines mono.
3.0c09-May-2004 Fixed teletext editor mouse bug introduced in version 3.0b !
3.0b06-May-2004 405-line NTSC and 525-line NTSC standards added.
2.1a04-Apr-2004 Compatibility with USB serial port adaptors improved.
2.0a18-Jan-2004 441-line and 819-line standards added.

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